Tweek-a-Week: Weight Loss App Reviews

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Interesting and helping.

Interesting, helps build awareness and motivation.

Such a good one!

This app is awesome! It lists long term choices to lead to a healthy lifestyle. Everything is written well, non-preachy, and understandable. The best this is that it is organized in a manner that is achievable. Nothing seems to daunting and the writing constantly reminds you that you are only human, and perfection isn't the way to long term success.

Keep on "Tweeking"!

If you are obese, slightly overweight, or just concerned about the healthfulness of your lifestyle, you can get something from this app. I like that the emphasis is on forming habits, not "dieting" as is the norm. This app will not count how many calories you consume or burn, but works its way up. I will confess that I am on a budget, so have not sought out all of the suggested supplements, but I have still benefitted from the other tweeks. Exercise a little, eat fiber, care about yourself. This app has helped me not only lose weight, but feel like myself while doing so.

Great information

Lists Key information that gets overlooked when dieting.


This is the most sourced and logical weight-loss system I have come across. This app gives you vital information to help achieve your desired weight without forcing any rules on you. It merely suggests techniques you should try. Anyone who follows the techniques provided by this wonderful app is sure to reach their goal weight.

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